Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open Pavilion in Anyang, by Mass Studies

APAP2010 @ 안양 (학운공원)

매스스터디에서 작업한 파빌리온
오후 들어 내리기 시작한 비로
인기 만점이 되어버린 공간.
비가 오지 않았더라도 인기 있었을 것.

nick named as Nest Pavilion

Inner space formed with weaved steel pipes, hand-made hammocks
and translucent tarpaulin top cover.

entrance of pavilion from outside

entrance of pavilion from inside.
part of loop-steel pipe is just raised
and becomes entrance.

top center hole

weaved steel pipes

hand-made knots become hammocks
playing on pavilion

Architect Minsuk Cho of Mass Studies is demonstrating
the how-to by himself.

where the green arrow indicates

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