Transformation of single object(sphere) by DC of SketchUp

In this post you can see another possibility of Dynamic Components of SketchUp.

As Dynamic Component supports only transformation in length(3 directional),
we need much imagination to transform objects with DC as the way we want.

In case of transformation of sphere, this post will help you.

Left below you can see the original sphere@@
and transformation of this sphere along with each axis.


--------------------------------------Behind the scene---------------------------------------

Actually this is not a transformation of 'single' object.
As you see below each sphere consists of 8 pieces :0

The idea is very simple.
Set the formulas of  lengths of 4 pieces of sphere in each direction to be same
along with the axis where they are placed.
For example 4 pieces of + X direction(red axis) should have same LenX each, and the other 4 pieces of -X direction also have another same LenX each, and so on...

The only(big) problem is that this method is only applicable to sphere (yet), not to everything else ;(

--------------------------------------Down load 2D version---------------------------------------